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Selections from Niels Stomps’s series, Mist.

All those old rural towns and villages have now been replaced by several brand-new cities. White. Modern. Huge. Not evolved naturally over time, but suddenly sprung up from the ground. This is the place where people now live. No part of these new surroundings reminds you of the past. There is no place for any historic awareness or aesthetic ideals here. At least, not as far as I could tell. If a blind wall needs a window in it, they simply hack out a hole at the designated place and put in a frame. Not necessarily pretty, or approved by the authorities – let alone a building aesthetics committee. These ‘rogue’ windows are everywhere, but it takes a while until you actually see them. 


The Three Gorges Dam is built in central China. The project, which has been underway for the past 20 years, involves the repatriation of one million local residents. They were forced to take part in a mass migration which will dominate their lives for twenty years.